• Innovative Dealership gets Innovative Look

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    Mercedes-Benz Sprinter of San Diego: The latest installment of i.M. Branded’s graphic branding program includes a brand of one of the most versatile vehicles/transports on the road: the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Although i.M. Branded/Innovative Media has wrapped multiple Sprinter vehicles for various events and promotions in the past, implementing its popular graphic branding program for Sprinter was a novelty. i.M. Branded was granted the opportunity to showcase its Sprinter graphics for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter of San Diego, and the facility took advantage of its wall space, positioning four massive AMRs (Artist Mural Replaceables) throughout its Service & Parts desks as well as the Customer Lounge, with the graphics ranging in size from 60” x 42” to 96” x 42”. Thank you again from i.M. Branded to MB/Sprinter San Diego!

  • Red Hot Summer in Carlsbad, California

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    i.M. Branded continues the red-hot summer with more of its red-hot graphics, this time in Carlsbad, California for Hoehn Motors. Hoehn Motors selected a beautiful blend of standard and customized graphic elements, smothering its employee offices, customer lounge, and showroom hallways. Hoehn’s Autohaus-approved image selection focused on rugged, sweeping, idyllic landscapes, as well as images that have become Mercedes-Benz’s backbone: their design. Hoehn Motors’ facility now features i.M. Branded’s fabric graphics and aluminum frames, ranging from 48”x36” to 180”x48” and perfectly lining almost all facets of the dealership. i.M. Branded appreciates the support of Hoehn Motors and looks forward to working with them in the near future!

  • i.M. Branded Heads To The Track

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    i.M. Branded and Jake’s Automotive have teamed up once again to create a custom wrap for the Jake’s Automotive-sponsored junior drag car (see: 1965 Plymouth Gets a Modern Wrap Design.) The vehicle, inspired by professional funny car driver and NAPA-sponsored Ron Capps, features flames, the official NAPA logo, the words “Auto Parts” as text, as well as additional graphic designs, including the junior driver’s name, Mia. Furthermore, the graphics were designed and completed in the official NAPA colors, further-enhancing the graphics’ impact and its ability to stand out from the crowd as a professional car duplicate; and it does. i.M. Branded utilized all-weather, high-speed tested cut’n’stick logos to achieve the wrap for the Jake’s Automotive vehicle in the NHRA Jr. Dragster Program. i.M. Branded would like to thank Jake’s Automotive for, again, coming to us on the project, and wish Mia all the best in this summer’s circuit (Ron Capps may have competition sooner than later)! Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend everyone!

  • smart Vehicle, Vintage Style

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    smart Center – Milwaukee, WI: As the summer months have made their entrance, albeit with roller coaster-like weather, so have some of America’s classic summer events. The quintessential American summer event, however, is the road trip. The quintessential road trip vehicle? The station wagon. While the popularity of station wagons has unquestionably died down, their bravado and place in history (even road trip history) has not. As such, i.M. Branded was thrilled at the thought of a “woody” wrap for a smart car when approached by a customer through smart Center Milwaukee. Creatively working with the customer and smart management, i.M. Branded custom-tailored this smart car wrap (3M vinyl) utilizing a hand-picked wood grain finish and covering the vehicle’s doors to create a fantastic fusion of modern technology (the smart car) and a classic, vintage style (the “woody”). The team at i.M. Branded had a wonderful experience in creating the wrap, as well as working with smart Center Milwaukee and its customer. If taken on a road trip, we certainly hope the customer and their family arrive at Wally World more smoothly than the Griswolds.

  • A Texas-Sized Thank You to Corpus Christi Dealership

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    Ed Hicks Mercedes-Benz of Corpus Christi, TX is the latest dealership to utilize i.M. Branded’s custom graphic branding program (and they certainly took advantage of the opportunity). Bold, strategically-placed images highlight Mercedes-Benz’s renowned history, as well as newer models currently residing within the showroom walls. i.M. Branded’s brand-approved imagery hover over the showroom, service drive, employee offices, and even customer waiting areas in a multitude of sizes and aesthetically – impactful brand images. With the direction of Ed Hicks’ management, i.M. Branded was able to fully-tailor the dealership using their highly popular Artist Mural Replaceable (AMR) fabric system, which allows users to simply and freely replace fabric images at their discretion. On the communication and ordering process with i.M. Branded, Charlie Hicks had this to say:

    Obviously we have been dealing with a tremendous amount of sub-contractors and installation teams with our construction and have run the gamut of the good, the bad and the ugly…Your guys have been the most efficient and most professional from the standpoint of flexibility with field decisions, stopping to suggest and confirm placement when presented with changes from your visit and the final installation, and their ability to work without disrupting any or our operations. Your install team has been fantastic…their standard of quality is in full concert with ours!

    A huge (everything is bigger in Texas) “thank you” goes out to Ed Hicks and their management for giving i.M. Branded the opportunity!

  • The Freedom Arch in Duncanville, TX

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    The Freedom Arch: Much like the American auto industry, a staple of the Chrysler brand and a pillar of strength. As such, i.M. Branded was excited to help the management at Freedom Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram (CDJR) in Duncanville, TX plan, coordinate and install one of the most impactful brand elements a dealer could exhibit in mid-June. Choosing one of four standard model sizes, Freedom CDJR chose ‘Arch B,’ which stands at 24’ tall, 20’ wide and 3 1/2’ thick. Comprised of a combination of aluminum composite, glass, and polished chrome, Freedom CDJR opted to include the spandrel glass (optional) and completed their project within 1 ½ months. i.M. Branded assisted Freedom management every step of the way, including constant coordination of project elements and a detailed proposal of the arch post-installation. The arch itself looks fantastic, and one could not ask for a bolder or more apparent brand element.

  • Baton Rouge Mercedes-Benz: i.M. Branded Geauxs South

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    Baton Rouge: As i.M. Branded continues to expand its graphic branding program, the most recent installation takes us down south to the state that births jazz, maybe the most passionate collegiate sports fans in the country, as well as gumbo. Working with the Baton Rouge Mercedes-Benz team, i.M. Branded had the wonderful opportunity to provide a custom graphic solution throughout their dealership. Fully-outfitting the dealership from the showroom to the staff’s offices, i.M. Branded utilized a fusion of Mercedes-Benz’s latest models with their time-tested classics. Speaking on the ordering and installation process, Baton Rouge Dealer Principal Joe Agresti had this to say about the collaborative effort with i.M. Branded: “The overall experience with i.M. Branded was second-to-none. From the initial contact to our communication throughout the ordering process, the i.M. Branded team could not have been more professional, thorough, or made the process simpler. The final product more than exceeded my expectations. Great job guys!” A sincere “thank you” from i.M. Branded to Joe and his team for the opportunity!

  • i.M. Branded Helps Peter Pan BMW with Stunning Graphics

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    Peter Pan BMW: With summer in full swing here at i.M. Branded (the last two weeks have seen temperatures as high as 97 degrees…in Michigan!), we wanted to take the opportunity to get outside, and we did just that at Peter Pan BMW in San Mateo, CA. i.M. Branded teamed with Peter Pan management to bring our powerful and impactful graphic solution outdoors with promotional and brand-approved imagery that lights up the side of their building, even in the scorching California sun. Utilizing a specific, thicker outdoor vinyl, i.M. Branded and Peter Pan management were able to achieve their goal of positioning stunning graphics on the side of the building without sacrificing the durability or quality of the imagery itself.

  • A Glimpse of April

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    Mercedes Benz Manhattan Flagship Store: What lies at the intersection of history and modernity? i.M. Branded’s recent work for Mercedes Benz Manhattan. Celebrating the opening of their new flagship store on 11th Avenue, Mercedes Benz approached i.M. Branded for their reputation with and dedication to their graphic branding program. The picture above features a curved, framed Artist Mural Replaceable (AMR) with an iconic image of Manhattan, blue vinyl on the pillars alternate images of classic roadsters with the latest roadsters, and the back walls showcase the highlights of Mercedes Benz’s service program. i.M. Branded was ecstatic to be given the opportunity, and the graphic elements implemented brought concrete walls to life, transforming the service drive into a time capsule.

    Hello Kitty Supercute smart Partial Wrap: Hello Kitty meets the smart car. A customer in Tysons Corner, VA recently ordered one of the most popular vehicle wraps offered by i.M Branded: a Hello Kitty partial wrap (the “Supercute,” to be exact). As if the vehicle itself wasn’t enough of an eye-catcher, the world’s most iconic kitten certainly guarantees heads will turn. All of i.M Branded’s vehicle wraps feature vinyl specifically-designed for vehicles and outdoor exposure.

    Smart Chicken-New Leaf Custom smart Car: Environmentally-friendly, affordable, convenient and undeniably trendy; while these words could certainly be used to describe the smart car, we are actually talking about organic chicken company Smart Chicken and organic supermarket New Leaf. i.M Branded had the opportunity to work with both companies in designing a customized wrap as part of their marketing efforts and a contest to win the smart vehicle in California. Working with designers and a marketing team for almost two months through April 2011, i.M Branded assisted in the custom design and installation of the successful advertising campaign.

    German-American State Bank Custom smart Car: The smart car is the ultimate advertising machine: unique so that it is noticed everywhere, yet compact so that it fits anywhere. German-American State Bank teamed up with i.M. Branded in Chicago, IL to create a mobile billboard, highlighting the benefits of joining the bank as well as the value-added services that come along with it. Working with the bank’s graphic designers and marketing team, i.M. Branded helped put their mobile advertisement onto the road. The pictured wrap features a vinyl designed specifically for vehicles.

    Peter Pan BMW: Taking advantage of i.M. Branded’s vast catalog of branding images, Peter Pan BMW, located in San Mateo, CA, purchased a multitude of Artist Mural Replaceable (AMRs) images for their dealership. The dealership not only chose AMRs for the inside of their showroom, but outdoors as well, bringing the impact of i.M. Branded’s branding program to passers-by. Furthermore, the image selection ranged from action shots to lifestyle shots, and even a fully-lit panoramic view of the San Francisco skyline.

    Milosch CDJR, Lake Orion, MI: In conjunction with our full-scope branding program, Milosch’s Palace, located in Lake Orion, MI, took advantage of i.M. Branded’s custom offerings, updating their entire showroom and transforming it with the next generation of branding elements.

  • SmartCar Electric Drive Wrap

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    The smart Electric Drive is a modern marvel: harnessing the latest in alternative energy technology, it complements the best elements of the standard smart with electricity and a vehicle that requires no gas. As such, doesn’t it deserve accessories that are just as edgy? It does, which is why i.M. Branded collaborated with smart USA to create a custom partial wrap that not only looks, but feels, electric. The wrap was designed to showcase the same elements the car features, and precisely why Innovative Media utilized a reflective vinyl that glows at night. The wrap is currently available through smart USA and Innovative Media.

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