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  • Workroom/Printer Cabinets

    The i.M. Branded Workroom/Printer Cabinet is a fantastic solution for any work station in your dealership. There are really no limitations as to where this product can call its ‘home:’ in an individual office, a hallway between your Showroom and Service Drive (linking the two), even your Customer Convenience area so that customers may connect and print documents as they please. Conveniently designed for all-in-one functionality, the cabinet printer combination is ideal for customers and staff looking to print documents, dispose of any extras, as well as house printing supplies or any other office essentials. Coupling these features with i.M. Branded’s durable (not to mention one of the easiest to clean) materials and collection of finish styles, and the result is a quintessential supplementary office tool for any dealership.

    Overall Dimensions

    (A2) Single-Door Printer Cabinet: 37”Wide x 27 ½”Deep x 34”High
    (A1) Double-Door Printer Cabinet: 50”Wide x 23”Deep x 36”High

    Available colors and wood finishes

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