FIAT USA Branding Program

  • i.M. Branded FIAT USA Branding Program

    i.M. Branded has a long history of working with various auto manufacturers to make their brand vision a reality in the real-world dealership facility. We know that facility branding guidelines can be tough for a busy management team to keep track of which is why we are happy to take the guesswork out of dealership OEM branding compliance. Our extensive background with different OEM programs and experienced account staff specifically trained to understand complex requirements means you can have full confidence that your dealership branding package from i.M. Branded will maximize your facility’s potential within your OEM program. We have branded over 1000 dealership facilities to date, let us provide our expertise for your unique situation.

    FIAT Graphic Branding

    Fiat USA wants to convey an exciting, clean and modern feel to its dealerships as the legendary Italian brand continues its growth re-entering the US market. This Fiat image catalog contains the latest customer-inspiring artwork and imagery from Fiat to set your showroom apart and strengthen the bond between the brand, your showroom and your customers.
    Graphic Branding

    Graphics Catalog

    This is a private site intended solely for use by authorized, OEM approved dealers. Strong graphic imaging in key areas of your dealership will continue to enhance customer loyalty.
    Approved Image Catalog

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