Branded OEM Programs

  • i.M. Branded OEM Branding Programs

    Audi Advanced Showroom Concept

    We provide expert assistance with different sizes and potential custom applications. Automotive dealership branding, Millwork and Graphics are our specialty and we look forward to assisting you with your unique space.
    Audi Advanced Showroom

    Mercedes-Benz Autohaus Program

    Your Mercedes-Benz dealership provides customers with a beautiful showcase. i.M.’s custom branding solution will ensure an enhanced retail environment that retains its unique architectural integrity.
    Mercedes-Benz OEM Program

    Chrysler Group Millennium Graphics Program

    Chrysler is striving for an open selling environment organized into distinct brand salons designed to put customers at ease because they can immediately find what they are shopping for.
    Chrysler Program

    FIAT USA Program

    Fiat USA wants to convey an exciting clean and modern feel to its showrooms as the legendary Italian brand continues its growth re-entering the US market. This Fiat image catalog contains the latest customer-inspiring artwork and imagery from Fiat to set your showroom apart.
    FIAT USA Program

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