Audi Advanced Showroom Concept

  • i.M. Branded Has Been Selected by Audi of America to Provide Brand-Image Components for Audi Dealerships.

    i.M. Branded, one of the nation’s leading providers of brand-specific fixtures, furniture and large format digital printing (wall art) for the automotive industry, has been selected by Audi of America to produce and supply brand-image components for Audi’s Terminal-style dealerships in the United States. Under the program, i.M. Branded will be able to provide all of Audi’s brand-specific furniture and graphic components which are part of the “Advanced Showroom Concept” recently introduced by Audi as a refresh to its Terminal facility program.

    i.M. Branded has worked with hundreds of new car dealers, representing virtually all brands sold in the U.S., and established themselves as the go-to company for the evolving facility image programs across many different automotive brands.

    Please look for other exciting announcements in the near future. For more information, contact us at 866-717-4467 or email

    Audi Millwork & Graphics

    We provide expert assistance with different sizes or potential custom applications, please contact one of i.M. Branded’s regional sales representatives. Automotive dealership branding is our specialty and we look forward to assisting you with your unique space.

    Scott Kenley – MA (Mid Atlantic), NE (Northeast),
    W (West), CA (California)
    Brady Quick – SE (southeast), SW (Southwest)
    Jereme Brown – GL (Great Lakes), MW (Mid West)
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    This soon-to-be-launched, private site is intended solely for use by authorized, OEM approved dealers. Strong graphic imaging in key areas of your dealership will continue to enhance customer loyalty.
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