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    Our online graphic catalog of self-installed framed art and mural products works well in most situations; we hate to say “most,” but it’s true.

    However, you may find yourself looking at a particular wall or area of your dealership wondering what else is possible, knowing that standardized elements are hardly “solutions.” Dimensions, image selection, location, quality, quantity and lastly, impact, are all of concern to your branding efforts. Like purchasing a high-performance Mercedes-Benz, shouldn’t you consult an expert representative? When your facility requires additional consideration in building the bridge between Mercedes-Benz and the optimal customer experience, our custom branding package is the ideal solution.

    If your dealership provides that beautiful showcase, i.M. Branded’s custom branding solution will ensure an enhanced retail environment that retains its unique architectural integrity. One of our account representatives will personally meet with you to better understand your facility vision.  They will conduct a detailed site assessment throughout your facility and develop a comprehensive branding plan tailored specifically for your dealership and vision.

    I knew that I wanted a dramatic high-impact graphic package that really featured the history of the brand but I did not have any idea where to even begin. Enrolling in i.M. Branded’s custom solution turned out to be an excellent value; I had extensive on-site contact with i.M. Branded dealership experts. Their experience with hundreds of dealerships and knowledge of the Autohaus2 guidelines provided me with a package that is exactly what I wanted and is approved by MB. The custom solution allowed me to see every proposed item exactly as it would appear actually installed which was a great help to me. My investment in the custom solution consultation even came back to me 100% in the form of a discount off the bottom line. The best value in i.M. Branded’s various options is the custom solution to me. – Tim Alocca, Intercar Mercedes-Benz, November 2011

    The $3,900 site assessment includes:

    • Site visit from a regional account representative who will spend as much time with you and your team as needed
    • Complete facility measurement of all opportunities for impact branding
    • Wall surface and finish review for various graphic wall-covering products
    • Photographic design concepts of each branding opportunity presenting your graphics installed inside your dealership
    • Complementary branding elements designed to function as a whole, enhancing your customers’ emotional connection to your dealership and its products
    • 10% credit of assessment fee toward installed packages (maximum value of $3,900 if ordered within 60 days of proposal)

    Approximately two weeks after our visiting your facility, we will provide you with your Branding Plan and review our design philosophy and its objectives.  An itemized estimate will also be provided for you to assess each item and its investment cost. As an added incentive and a way for you to recoup your site assessment fee, if you purchase our package within 60 days we will discount your branding package 10% (value up to $3,900).

    Our unique expertise in retail branding has helped create the most beautiful and successful dealerships in the nation (not to mention the industry). See what dealers are raving about, why they view their custom branding packages as central to the customer experience and how it prioritizes with every other aspect of your dealership. Mercedes-Benz built its reputation through flawless engineering and pristine design: your showroom should do the same.
    An example of one of our Autohaus2 Branding Plans

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    *Images shown are for i.M. Branded reference only. Refer to the MBUSA Dealership Facility Planning Guide for current architecture and furniture finishes.

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