Infiniti/Nissan San Fran

One of the most visually striking and technologically advanced dealerships in the country opened its doors last quarter after an extensive yearlong renovation. The seven level, 200,000 square foot building has been home to many different dealerships since 1935, but today proudly sets a new standard for showroom excellence. Working closely with the dealer client, Nissan, Infinity and Penske Automotive Group (PAG) corporate design teams; i.M. Branded developed all of the signage throughout the building from small directional signage to vibrant life-size wall graphics and millwork. Everything but the chairs were custom designed to meet and exceed Nissan and Infinity OEM standards. Every customer touch point on all seven levels required careful attention to design from floor to ceiling to perfectly capture the personality of each brand, including New and Used vehicle showrooms for Nissan and Infinity. State-of-the-art graphics created and installed by i.M. Branded visually define the brands, bringing to life the essence of each brand message. All millwork was built to exacting finish standards of Nissan and Infinity OEM programs. i.M. Branded created and installed all way-finding signage throughout the building, name plates, cut letters, and 110 pieces of graphic signage. This project features an exciting new application for AMR’s (Artist Mural Replaceable) hung over the windows to create a backlit effect in daylight. The high amount of attention paid to every detail shows throughout the building; from the entry level showroom appropriate for a 5 star hotel, to the service tech shop and vehicle garages decorated in branded wall graphics. This dealership is a game-changer for traditional automotive showroom design and the i.M. Branded team is proud to be a part of such an impressive project. It gave the company a chance to exercise it’s creativity, which continues to demonstrate limitless innovation and cutting edge designs. Exposure from this project has led i.M. Branded to discussions with several other Nissan and Infinity dealerships across the country looking to bring the same style and finesse to their own showrooms.

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