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DETROIT – (June 1, 2013) — The Detroit Grand Prix returned to Belle Isle last year after a three-year hiatus and this year’s return is nothing short of record-breaking. Home to the epicenter of the auto industry revolution, Detroit’s a fitting stage for the IZOD IndyCar Series to unveil their new standard in racing. The industry’s first doubleheader makes its worldwide debut with the highly-anticipated “Dual in Detroit” where not one, but two Series races will take place Saturday and Sunday. If one record breaker isn’t enough, get ready for a heart-pounding, never-before-seen, standing start when the green flag launches the track on Saturday. These history-making races are putting the Motor City at center stage, so you can expect no less than years of planning and months of work around the clock to make it both functionally and visually flawless.

With the world watching closely this weekend, the Detroit Grand Prix Committee knew they needed a company with proven quality, reliability, and the capacity to help put on such a grand-scale event. With nearly 50 different corporate sponsors and more than two miles of track to cover, there was one company they knew could get the job done – Detroit-born Innovative Media.

Event signage is often only noted when lacking or of poor quality, but for anyone attending this year’s race it’ll be hard to miss the vibrant graphics and custom signage made for every visible event area. Miles of sponsor signage define the track from start to finish but the drivers aren’t the only ones with a custom-made view. From the grand two-story entryways to the brightly colored 10-foot maps, each piece was made to enhance the customer experience on and off the island. From entry to exit, every sign underwent careful planning to ensure convenient navigation, aesthetics, and durability.

Last year we had unusually high winds, 60 mph, but luckily everything was secured really well. Out of about 3,000 banners only a few needed repair. Over the past year we’ve been engineering new ways to secure and structure everything so the weather won’t be any problem this year. – Steve Croce, Production Manager at Innovative Media.

Innovative Media created all of the signage, on and off the track, for 2007, 2008 and 2012 races. Last year, along with most of the large sponsors, signed a three-year contract with the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix.

Bud Denker, Event Chairman for the Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix Committee said, “we’ve worked with Innovative Media in past races and when it came to contracting the next few years we didn’t hesitate to continue that relationship.”
Denker and other race organizers often look to Innovative Media for input on sponsorship placement on and off track. As a non-profit organization, the DBIGP committee needed a company they can trust to advise on cost-saving ideas and efficiencies, giving honest assessments to help stay within the non-profit’s slim budget.

Innovative Media played an integral role in the success of the event, Denker said, “the company is very reliable and provides the high-quality service and product necessary to make the event a success and keep the sponsors happy. Their event expertise helped in collaborating on best strategies for crowd flow and signage placement, which proved to be very beneficial in the decision-making process for the Detroit Grand Prix Committee. We look forward to our continued relationship in future races.”

Producing and installing nearly 500,000 square feet of signage in less than three months required an additional third-shift print and finishing team of 16, working around the clock at the shop in Madison Heights, Michigan. The 10-person installation team begins their long days on the island more than a month before the race and two weeks following for the breakdown.

I always tell my crew, do it right or do it twice. I’ve worked with Innovative for seven years now and I know if it’s not perfect, it won’t be acceptable. That’s why I love working for Innovative Media, we all have high standards and that gives us something to be proud of at the end of the day. – Jeff Sacks, On-Site Installation Manager.

Beautifully designed and expertly crafted signage lines the five-mile path from the heart of the city to the ends of the track, setting the tone for quality and class every step of the way. Innovative Media is signed on as the exclusive print and signage installation company through 2014. The team looks forward to working with the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix Committee for years to come, bringing the world, and the spirit of racing, back to the Motor City.


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