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AMARILLO, TX (February, 2013) – AutoNation is America’s largest automotive retailer with more than 43 million customers. For perspective, that’s equal to about 14 percent of the entire population in the United States. The group’s current initiative is to renovate all of their Chevrolet dealerships nationwide and Plains Chevrolet in Amarillo, Texas, is the most recent facility to undergo the coast-to-coast transformation.
i.M. Branded has worked with AutoNation on many dealership upgrade projects over the past few years. Which is why they were confident i.M. Branded could incorporate the auto group’s guidelines with the OEM image program to create a custom package complimenting and adapting to the needs of this particular dealership.

Teaming up with the branding experts at i.M. Branded, Plains Chevrolet brought their facility to life with more than 36 AMR’s, Artist Mural Replaceables, finely printed graphic images mounted into brushed aluminum frames creating precisely tailored edges. Each AMR was sized to fit perfectly in relation to wall space and furniture for each customer touch-point area. The images artistically mimic the area they’re designed for, creating a fluid consistency across the various images to surrounding decor. These AMR’s add vibrant, colorful dynamics to the walls and help reinforce the brand by blending artistically beautiful shots of the newest lineup with the iconic heritage of the past.

Customers take a trip down memory lane as they walk the halls from the showroom to the service drive they’re accompanied by a 27 foot-long wall vinyl graphic. This mural is a montage of Chevrolets from yesterday to today, custom designed to give this dealership the dramatic, one-of-a-kind touch they’re looking for. Every customer area reinforces the Chevrolet brand values and legacy as an icon of the American family vehicle.
The graphic branding in Plains Chevrolet visually improves the overall customer experience while reinforcing brand loyalty. i.M. Branded looks forward to a continued relationship with AutoNation and bringing the same finesse to the auto group’s many other Chevrolet dealerships nationwide.


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