Large Format Graphics




From advertising agencies to direct relationships with Fortune 500 companies, we’ve perfected making “looking good" easy. We’ve also built an unmatched level of trust and credibility along the way.

We can manage the entire process.  We design.  We manufacture. We ship. We install.   

i.M. Branded’s extensive large format experience ranges from wraps for buildings, fleets and cars, to banners for outdoor events, indoor events and facilities of all sizes. With i.M. Branded, any space can be transformed into a captivating, brand immersion experience. 


Building Wraps


To capture the imagination of thousands who travel the I-75 freeway, FCA turns to i.M. Branded to produce eye-catching wraps such as this one. Measuring in at 19,206 square feet, this breathtaking large scale graphic blankets 14 floors of the FCA US headquarters building in Auburn Hills. i.M. Branded has delivered more than 20 projects like this to their trusted partner, FCA.


General Motors Headquarters

 This one-of-a-kind building wrap created by i.M. Branded, includes 115,000 square feet of material and 66 high-definition LED lights, with a first-of-its-kind, nighttime illumination feature that highlights the headlights and driving lights of the Chevrolet Malibu.



vehicle wraps


When it was time construct custom decals for its fleet of vehicles, KIRCO MANIX Construction turned to i.M. Branded for flawless execution. KIRCO MANIX prides itself on being a stronger, smarter, and more capable team, attributes they also appreciate in i.M. Branded. 




Detroit Grand Prix 

Race fans attending the Detroit Grand Prix on Belle Isle were surrounded by the work of i.M. Branded. From the grand two-story entryways to the brightly colored 10-foot maps, each piece was made to enhance the customer experience on and off the island. All in, i.M. Branded produced over 250,000 square feet of material for the Detroit Grand Prix.



fabric graphics

international bancard

To bring the city into the boardroom, International Bancard commissioned i.M. Branded to produce a picture window wall of art featuring downtown Detroit. International Bancard specializes in delivering exceptional service, which they also enjoy from i.M. Branded.




team penske

One of the most successful teams in the history of professional sports, Team Penske trusts i.M. Branded to deliver Penske perfection when branding both race shop or at event properties, whose performance is measured to the hundredth of a second. Fortunately, such precision is a perfect fit for i.M. Branded.