Desired length can be accomodated using 4’ft incremental sections.

Overall Dimensions: 4ft Section- 48”w x 54”h x 6”d
Description: Fabric wrapped privacy spine panels for space for electrical wire chase and mounted outlets in the base.

Placed in open sales area
Used to divide sales work station areas
Intended to have desks placed on both sides of the wall
Not intended to act as a stand alone wall (to create a hallway, etc.) or do have desks placed along one side
Spine wall can be powered by electrical and data WHIPS.
WHIPS must fit within a 1-7/8” channel
Electrical required on either end or at each end as needed.
Recommended that electrical be placed 2 feet from end(s) to allow for adjustment at installation.
Channel contains divider for data and electrical
All wiring is completed by others
Advise that electrician to be onsite during installation to complete wiring
Outlets are placed relative to desk locations
Additional convenience plugs can be added, but must be known at the time of installation


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