Inspire Wall with Lounge Solus Brand- Freestanding Wall, Double sided. The Inspire wall faces the Personalization Studio core area. Lounge wall is covered in cream faux leather panels with opening for 55” TV. Requires electrical coordination. At time of installation the Inspire Wall must be outfitted with dealer and i.M.Branded supplied accessories.

Solus Content Packs (CP) required.  Reference Personalization Studio Accessories purchase Information V1 document for Details.

TV/Monitor and bracket not included. TV is to sit behind the faux leather panels

JLR-F-191 3.6 m Inspire & Lounge Wall Solus Brand

  • 143.78 ”w x 89.76”h x 25.5”d
  • 3653.2 mm W x 2280 mm H x 648 mm D


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