Why Choose a StretchPrint™ Fabric Graphic?

You probably don’t realize how often a cool printed graphic catches your eye in an airport or public space printed on a piece of fabric. It’s pretty amazing, and one of the many reasons why Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) are so popular. They are super cost-effective and add a dramatic impact to any space with a seamless, nearly frameless display. You can use them in offices, at events, at trade shows, in hotels, libraries, and sporting venues. StretchPrint™ graphics are the perfect signage solution!


StretchPrint™ is a Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG) printed on special tension fabric using a high-resolution dye-sublimated printing method. The fabric graphic is inserted into an aluminum frame by a silicone strip sewn along the edge of the fabric. The advantage of using StretchPrint™ fabric is replacing a graphic can occur within minutes. Options are endless with custom sizing, frames, and lighting to fit your business needs.

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iMBrite™ Lightboxes

Be an industry leader and offer IMBrite Lightboxes! Upgrade your customers imagery with beautiful, large-format illuminated graphics from iMBrite™. Combining the most technologically advanced LED lighting systems with the flexibility of removable tension fabric graphics, iMBrite™ transforms any space into a vibrant and dynamic expression of your customers’ brand.

High impact and energy-efficient, iMBrite™ light boxes offer even illumination, nearly limitless size capabilities, and graphics that can be changed in just minutes. Draw attention and convey specific messaging quickly and effectively.

iMBrite™ offers a range of solutions for your branding needs – freestanding, wall-mounted, or suspended from ceilings. Also, iMBrite™ LEDs allow for 10,000 color variations, and can be programmed to illuminate with full-motion. Contact iMBrite for more information about dynamic graphics that are “simply brilliant”.

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