Audi OEM Program Overview

Blending a unique modern look with top efficiency and quality, custom-built Advanced Showroom Concept furniture is designed to support sales and service operations throughout Audi dealerships. From consultation counters and modern sales workstations to lounge seating and boutique point-of-sale elements, ASC furniture will help Audi dealers provide the top retail customer experience in the automotive industry.  Carefully planned interplay of architecture, furnishings, shapes, colors, materials, and lighting defines the Audi customer brand experience unlike any competitor. The result is an inviting interior atmosphere that supports robust sales, service, and reception operations throughout the Audi dealership.

i.M. Branded’s approach as an official program vend0r

i.M. Branded strives for long-term customer relationships; we see our clients and their satisfaction as the foundation for success. We strive to deliver the highest-quality products possible featuring fit and finish that justifies the ultimate value of your investment.  Servicing projects from beginning to end, our experienced team is committed to the best customer experience in the industry.  That means our relationship does not end when the last desk or image is placed; instead we conduct an extensive project closeout process aimed at total satisfaction.