Commercial Wall Graphics

Commercial Wall Graphics

Transform your office, store, or restaurant space into an eye-catching marketing machine with commercial wall graphics and murals from iMBranded. Create beautiful statement walls with the perfect wallcovering solution for any surface—drywall, brick, metal—you name it! From adhesive vinyl to wallpaper and smooth or textured finishes, there’s no shortage of stunning options to choose from.

What are Commercial Wall Graphics and Wall Murals?

Commercial wall graphics, like wall murals, offer a simple, cost-effective solution to custom branding or interior design improvements. Custom wall graphics can be printed onto wallpaper or vinyl, as well as in various textures and finishes to enhance the vibrancy and style of your space.

Whether you create your custom mural or choose from our library of patterns, rest assured your mural will elevate any space while promoting your brand culture, values, and most important messages.

How are Wall Graphics and Wall Murals Different?

Forget traditional wallpaper for business marketing. Commercial wall graphics and custom commercial wallpaper are the way to go. Compared to traditional wallpaper, iMBranded commercial wall graphics are 100% custom to fit your space perfectly. You pick the design, or we can create a beautiful graphic just for you. Our commercial wall graphics are also highly durable, making them an excellent choice for any business looking for cost-effective branding solutions designed to last, and all without the need for contractors or costly renovations. That’s more savings back in your pocket.

Where Can Commercial Wall Graphics Be Installed?

Commercial wall graphics can be installed in any interior space, such as office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, schools, and more. They are easy to apply to drywall, brick, and metal surfaces without professional contractors. Our adhesive vinyl prints secure tightly to any material for a stunning finish that will last for years.

Commercial wall murals can quickly transform dull office walls into vibrant, stylish areas that sync with your branding and culture. They bring personality and ambiance while making large, empty walls look more inviting. Murals also help create a cohesive look that shows your company’s values and mission.

Why Choose iMBranded?

iMBranded is renowned nationwide for crafting outstanding architectural millwork and large-format graphics for retail, hospitality, automotive, and finance clients. We understand how important your brand’s identity is, which is why we take the time to understand your needs, vision, and marketing goals. With our expertise and commercial-grade materials, you can be sure that your walls will look beautiful and stylish for years. 

From adhesive vinyl to wallpaper and textured finishes, our custom commercial wallpaper and murals are effortless to install, making them the perfect option for any wall surface. Contact us today to get started designing your custom commercial wall graphics, or to learn about our other custom graphics solutions.

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