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7 Eye-Catching Event Signage Ideas for Memorable Events

Are you looking for a unique and creative way to market your business at an upcoming event? With more than 28 years of experience providing custom branded solutions across numerous industries, iMBranded is a national leader in producing large format graphics and architectural millwork with national reach and scale.

Our graphics are designed with your specs in mind, putting your company’s name in the spotlight to draw more attention to your brand. Our skilled designers can elevate your vision or provide you with helpful suggestions. The following are some of the options you can select for your next event.

1. Entrance Signage

First impressions matter and by giving visitors an aesthetically pleasing entrance, you’re going to leave a good imprint of your brand. 

iMBranded offers a variety of large-sized graphics you can install to welcome your customers. If you want something unique to give that extra “pop” when people enter your business, you might want to explore LED light box displays as an option. These displays can easily be integrated into your entry area to serve as décor or showcase brand identity. Another possibility, especially if you’re lacking wall space, is to create a hanging banner from the ceiling to get the exposure you seek.

2. Custom Floor Graphics

Customized floor graphics are an elegant way to boost the visibility of your brand. While attending an event where cubicles or spaces blend into one another, showcasing a unique floor graphic will make your brand stand out from the rest. 

Not attending an event? You can still utilize a well-designed floor graphic to enhance  your business or to serve a practical purpose. When you need to provide directions, warnings, instructions, or other messages, a floor graphic is highly effective.

iMBranded offers a variety of smooth and textured non-slip floor graphics, including vinyl, and other specialty materials. Select the shape and size you want!

3. Large Banners

Businesses assembling at an expo, trade show, or other event typically want to stand out in the crowd. A large banner is a great solution. Your large custom-print banner can boost the visibility of your brand in any competitive environment. These designs are perfect to grab attention and create a long-lasting, positive impression.

iMBranded creates custom-designed large banners that businesses use either indoors or outdoors. Creative event signage in the form of a banner can be used at events, used as store décor, or strategically placed as an advertisement. You can choose from a variety of materials, including mesh, vinyl, or fabric, in any size you prefer. Banners are a highly effective marketing campaign tool and a great way to get your name in front of a crowd.

4. Building Wraps

What better way to grab attention than to invest in a custom building wrap? This large-scale print can be strategically placed outdoors to gain substantial visibility. Often utilized as a marketing tool, businesses install building wraps in locations to generate brand awareness in highly visible locations. Wraps can also offer other advantages, such as energy efficiency and privacy.

iMBranded’s customized building wraps can go a long way toward generating memorable attention for your brand and generating a wider awareness of your company. Built to last in rain or shine, you can choose your design to be printed on high-quality 3M and cast vinyl materials coated with a special UV layer.

5. Wall Decals

Many companies choose to transform their space with decorative wall graphics to serve a practical purpose while promoting their brand. 

iMBranded prints on a variety of materials and textures, that can be installed on concrete, glass, brick, and metal, to name a few. We can also custom print your graphic to fit in any space you need, to provide a long-lasting impact for your brand.

6. Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are a great way to provide brand exposure or provide helpful directions while on the road.

7. Barrier Decals & Covers

Metal or Concrete barriers, especially those for crowd control, can be very unsightly. However, you can add positive energy to these dull spaces by placing attractive barrier decals or barrier covers on them. A lightweight, easy-to-store, and versatile option, barrier decals or covers can highlight brands, add gorgeous graphics, or provide directions or other messaging. iMBranded offers numerous types of large banner printing options that can help add appeal to barriers needing to be placed in heavy foot-traffic areas.

Ready to Get Started on Increasing Your Brand Awareness?

If you’re seeking ways to integrate creative event signage, we invite you to give iMBranded a call so we can discuss the options available to you. We proudly have represented many high-visible brands and would love the opportunity to serve as your graphics and signage partner.

Contact us and share a little about yourself to begin the process. We’re happy to provide you with a quote and then work with you every step of the way. From brainstorming ideas to bringing your vision to life, iMBranded has you covered.


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