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iMBranded welcomes Jeffrey Scott to Lead Millwork Engineering Team

One of the reasons customers want to partner with us for their Architectural Millwork projects is our unique industry approach.  We work one-on-one with our clients to truly understand their requirements.  This allows us to build a quality product from our Michigan facility to a company’s specifications.  Our engineering team is at the core of our success.  Strong leadership and a best-practice engineering perspective is what we were looking for and we found that in Jeffrey Scott.   Read more about our engineering approach.

What is our biggest strength as an organization? Our ability to quickly pivot to changing market conditions and customer expectations.

How does Engineering play a role in supporting that strength? Engineering is instrumental in helping to develop new solutions. For instance, when Covid19 impacted the businesses’ ability to stay open. Engineering was able to a design sneeze guard barrier products to keep iMB open during difficult market conditions. Additionally, with customers turning to electrification in the automotive space, we have been able to deliver unique products to help differentiate this new technology in the automotive industry.

As the Head of Engineering, what is your Engineering philosophy? Time spent simplifying on the front end saves at an order of magnitude on the back end. This means any investment in time and organization at the start of a project is considerably more valuable than effort put in trying to catch up and fix problems.

How did you get into Engineering? I have always thought of myself as creative. To me, engineering is the natural bridge between using logic and creativity to solve problems. From early in my education, I knew I either wanted to be in architecture or engineering and ended up studying architecture and construction management at Lawrence Tech. After graduation, I ended up shifting to engineering working in the automotive industry.

What do you love about engineering? Engineering is all about finding creative ways to solve problems. I enjoy coming into work each day because the problems we are tasked with make substantial impact to the organization. Additionally, as a bridge between the customer and production, we can bring the voice of the customer into real life.



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